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Windmill Or Whizzer, Lanterns

Windmill or Whizzer

A novel touch is added when one of these is fixed to the top of a kite backbone. The windmill described is suitable for the larger kites; the measurements given may be adapted for smaller ones. You will need an 8 in. square of fairly stiff but pliable cardboard. Draw lines on it, to divide it into four equal parts, and make a small hole through the centre. Next, draw the pattern on the square, as shown, and cut out the shaded parts. Following this, bring the corners, A and B, over in curves to the centre. Allow a sufficient amount of the corners to overlap, and fasten them together with glue. Bring C and D together in the same way, over A and B. Make a small hole in the glued parts, which will be in line with the first centre hole. Cut a piece of 1/4 in. diameter dowelling, 9 1/2 in. in length. Flatten it at the top with a sharp knife, as at E. Take an 8 in. length of thin strong wire, and wrap 3 1/2 in. of this tightly round the flattened part of the dowelling, so that the wire will not move about (see F, Fig. 27). Now take a 4 in. x 1 in. strip of thin cardboard, roll it round a knitting needle, and glue the end down to form a narrow tube, which fits on to the wire. Glue two strong cardboard washers round the centre holes in the windmill, and thread the wire through them. Place another free washer on the wire, and then bend the end of the latter round to prevent the windmill from slipping off.

Windmill Or



These may be made in different sizes to suit large or small kites. They are suspended in the same manner as wind funnels and tassels. Fig. 28 illustrates the stages in making them. A square of thin cardboard will make two lanterns. Cut it in half. Take one of the halves and mark a narrow margin at the top and the bottom. Crease the margin lines with a blunt knife. Fold the piece in hah" lengthways. Make a crease at the fold. Cut slits up to the margins, as at E, and open out again. Glue reinforcing strips along the margins. Glue AD to CB. Attach string or thin wire in the form of a loop to make a handle. Compress the top and the bottom, so that the lantern will assume the shape shown at F.


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