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Shield, Protecting Covers


The suggestion for the award of a shield in club or inter-club competitions is found in Chapter 11, under the heading No. 4, 'Arrange Activities'. The squares in dotted lines may be enlarged to a suitable size on paper, and the design copied on them. Transfer the design, by means of carbon paper, to plywood about 1 in. in thickness. Cut out the shield with a fretsaw, and then paint in suitable colours. When the paint is dry, a wall hanger or a strut is fixed to the back and the shield is complete.



Protecting Covers

Kites, when not in use, may be protected by storing them in large polythene bags, or bags made from sheets of strong brown paper, provided with string handles, by which they may be suspended from a wall. It may be difficult to do this in the case of a box kite, owing to its shape, but at least it may also be suspended from a wall when not in use. This will do much to prevent accidental damage.

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