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Kite Accessories - Reel

In this section there will be found instructions and illustrations for making a number of things which add to the enjoyment of kite flying.


A reel or winder may be regarded as a necessity. It is not merely something upon which the line is wound. If the line is thought of as being the 'motor', then obviously the reel assists it in its important function. Obviously, the size of the reel will be governed by the size of the kite, and the amount and thickness of the line. Therefore the measurements given here may be suited to individual requirements. The reel shown in Fig. 22 is of a convenient size. As will be seen, it is a revolving spindle type, with a simple locking device, which enables the operator to have a hand free at times to attend to other things. The reel is made up of eleven separate parts, and is constructed as follows. Cut two 4 in. diameter circles from 3/16 in. plywood, as at A. Cut 7/8 in. diameter holes through the centres. The spindle, B, is formed from I in. diameter round rod, and measures 6 1/4 in. in length. Cut two side pieces, as at C, measuring 5 in. x 4 1/8 in. Use wood, 1/2 in. thick.

Drill 7/8 in. diameter holes through them at the positions shown. Make them slightly over-size, by means of a round file, so that the spindle revolves freely. The base, D, measures 5 in. x 4 1/8 in. and is made from wood, 1/2 in. thick. Fit the spindle to the circular pieces. The left-hand piece is glued 5/8 in. from one end of the spindle; the right-hand piece, 11/4 in. from the other end. Attach the side pieces to this unit. Place thin washers on the spindle between these sides and the circular pieces. Next, add the base, D. Use glue and 1 in. fine flat-headed screws, and counter-sink the holes for them. Place the base between the side pieces, otherwise the subsequent measurements will be wrong.


The handle is in two parts, E and F. E measures 3 3/4 in. x 2 in. and is cut from wood which is 1/2 in. thick. Cut two 7/8 in. diameter holes, 1/2 in. from the top and the bottom. Make them slightly under-size, to ensure a good fit for the spindle, and the rod, F, both of which should need tapping home with a mallet. The rod, F, is 4 1/2 in. in length and is cut from 7/8 in. diameter round rod. Fit it into one of the holes, and secure it with glue and a 1 in. fine screw, which is driven through at the position shown. Now place E on the spindle and make fast with glue and a 1 in. fine screw, the position of which is shown in Fig. 22. Place a thin washer on the spindle between the side piece and the handle. The bottom handle, G, is 5 in. in length and is cut from 7/8 in. diameter round rod. Make a small holding block, H. This is 3 in. in length and 2 in. in width. Drill a 7/8 in. diameter hole through the centre, and insert the handle, G. The latter should fit tightly in its hole, so that it requires tapping home with a mallet. Secure with glue and a 1 in. fine screw, which is driven through at the position shown. The holding block is then glued and screwed to the base.


Kite line reel (No. 1)

The method of joining the parts by means of a screw has been chosen for its simplicity. Those who prefer it may use the square mortise and tenon joint, as shown at I.The locking device, J, is a strip of wood, 1/2 in. thick; or better still, a metal strip. It measures 2 in. x 1/2 in., and is secured to the side at the position shown, by means of a screw. When it is turned to the horizontal position, it locks the handle. Sandpaper all parts thoroughly. Apply a coat of size to fill the grain, and when this is dry, enamel in bright colours. In order to ensure the smooth running of the spindle, coat the edges of its holes with blacklead or graphite paste. The things just mentioned are best done before the reel is finally assembled.

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