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Fringes, Tail Pieces, Buzzers, Climbing Discs, Pennants


These are simply strips of paper, folded and cut in the manner shown. Paste the bottom margin round the kite strings. The small V-shapes in the margin indicate where to cut slits, which will help when the fringes are formed in curves.



Tail Pieces

The neatest method of making these is to take pieces of paper, and fold them as indicated. It is sometimes necessary to make a tail lighter or heavier, by altering the number of paper pieces it carries. Therefore, to make this adjustment easy, the pieces are tied to the string by means of a clove hitch, as illustrated in the section on 'Knots and Hitches' in this chapter.
Kite tails

Kite tails


A strip of paper is folded in half and glued, by means of a margin, round a convenient string or frame piece. The edges of the paper vibrate in the wind.

Climbing Discs

Make circles, with centre holes, from thin cardboard. They may be covered with metalled paper, so that they shine in the light. Cut a slit up to the centre hole, by means of which the discs are placed on the line. Agitate the latter and the wind will carry them up to the top.


A pennant is a long narrow flag, and one may be attached to the top of a kite backbone. Cut a strip of tissue paper, measuring 5 in. x 20 in. Fold it in half to make a length of 10 in. Now cut it so that one end narrows to a point. Open it out, and glue a 1 in. length of 3/16 in. diameter dowelling along the centre. Paste the edges, and bring the two parts together. Another style may be made in the same way, but instead of its tapering to a point, cut the end in a V-shape. The pennants may be left plain, or decorated with simple designs. Where a kite club is formed, the pennants may bear the club emblem.

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