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The appearance of a kite is improved by the use of effective design, which should be simple and bold and finished in deep colours. Two examples are offered in Fig. 31. These may be enlarged to a suitable size for a particular kite by increasing the size of the squares and then copying the patterns on them. This work is done not directly on to the kite cover, but on a separate sheet of paper. The pattern is then transferred to the cover either by means of carbon paper; or the pattern is coloured, cut out and then glued on to the cover. Figs. 32 and 33 show some simple but effective designs.

Kite Design 1

Kite Design 2

Kite Anchor

Here is a very useful device to which the line may be temporarily attached while the kite is in flight. This enables both hands to be free for a while, which on occasions is a welcome and useful relief. Fig. 34 shows the component parts and the assembled anchor. A is the upright bar which is 2 ft. 6 in. in length and formed from hardwood, 1 1/2 in. square. Shape it to a point at one end, as shown. Drill two holes, 1/4 in. diameter; one through the side at a point which is 2 in. from the top; the other, through the front, 6 in. from the top. The crossbar, B, is formed from hardwood which is 1 in. square and 1 ft. 6 in. in length.
Kite anchor

Kite anchor

Drill a hole, 1/4 in. diameter, through the centre. Take two pieces of strong cord about 5 ft. in length, and make one end of each into a loop, as at C. These act as stirrups. Now fit a 5 in. x 1/4 in. diameter bolt with the thread running up to the head, into the side hole of the upright bar A. Two nuts are used to lock the bolt in position, so that 3 in. of it projects from one side of the bar. Next, fasten the two wooden pieces together with a 3 in. x 1/4 in. diameter bolt. To use the anchor, first drive the pointed end of the bar into the ground. Slip the feet into the cord loops, and bind round and tie the other ends to the crossbar so that the cords are taut. When the kite line is wrapped round the top bolt for a few times, the kite is securely anchored for as long as the operator wishes. The anchor, because it can be dismantled quickly, may be easily carried from place to place.

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