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Tools, Materials, Methods, Accessories For Kite Making

This is an instrument for measuring the speed of the wind
Designs, Kite Anchor
The appearance of a kite is improved by the use of effective design, which should be simple and bold and finished in deep colours.
Fringes, Tail Pieces, Buzzers, Climbing Discs, Pennants
These are simply strips of paper, folded and cut in the manner shown. Paste the bottom margin round the kite strings. The small V-shapes in the margin indicate where to cut slits, which will help when the fringes are formed in curves.
Kite Accessories - Reel
In this section there will be found instructions and illustrations for making a number of things which add to the enjoyment of kite flying.
Kite Making Methods
The simple butt joint is all that is generally needed in kite making.
Knots And Hitches
The difference between a knot and a hitch is that a knot makes a more lasting fastening. Again, a knot may be formed on the string itself, whereas a hitch usually requires some other object to which it can be attached.
Shield, Protecting Covers
Kites, when not in use, may be protected by storing them in large polythene bags, or bags made from sheets of strong brown paper, provided with string handles, by which they may be suspended from a wall.
Tools And Materials
This chapter is concerned with the hows, whys and wherefores of the things which are used in kite making and flying. We begin with a few words about tools, of which the following are recommended.
Wind Funnels, Tassels
hese may be fitted to plane-type kites. They are obviously decorative, but also serve to supply a light current of air to the kite on a calm day. The air travels through them at increased pressure which improves the kite's upward movement.
Windmill Or Whizzer, Lanterns
A novel touch is added when one of these is fixed to the top of a kite backbone. The windmill described is suitable for the larger kites; the measurements given may be adapted for smaller ones.
A Simpler Type Of Reel, Parachutes
Weather Vane, Compass

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