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A Brief History Of Kites
A Brief History Of Kites. Part 1
A Brief History Of Kites. Part 2
A Brief History Of Kites. Part 3
A Brief History Of Kites. Part 4
Be Weather-Wise
Clouds Classification
Clouds And Weather, Wind And Weather
Depressions And Anticyclones
Estimating Wind Direction And Speed
Weather Forecasts
Form A Kite Club
Form A Kite Club
Arrange Activities
Kite Competitions. Part 1
Kite Competitions. Part 2
Open-Air Kite Displays
Suggestions For Other Activities
How Kites Fly
Flying A Kite
How Kites Fly. Part 1
How Kites Fly. Part 2
How Kites Fly. Part 3
Kites To Make
Butterfly Kite
Double Butterfly Kite
High Flyer Kite No. 1
High Flyer Kite No. 2
Loose Cover Kite
Smiling Face Kite
The Box Kite
The Festoon Kite
The Forktop Kite
The Glider Kite
The Happy Man Kite
The Hexagonal Kite
The Pegtop Kite
The Sail Kite
The Small Fish Kite
The Star Kite
The Three-T Kite
The Tonking Kite
The Wing Kite
Tools, Materials, Methods, Accessories For Kite Making
A Simpler Type Of Reel, Parachutes
Designs, Kite Anchor
Fringes, Tail Pieces, Buzzers, Climbing Discs, Pennants
Kite Accessories - Reel
Kite Making Methods
Knots And Hitches
Shield, Protecting Covers
Tools And Materials
Weather Vane, Compass
Wind Funnels, Tassels
Windmill Or Whizzer, Lanterns
The Educational Value Of Kite-Craft
Make Your Own Style Of Kite

19 Great Kites to Make