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High Flyer Kite No. 2

Here is another easily made kite with a good flying performance. Like the High Flyer No. 1 the framework is formed of split cane, about 1/4 in. thick, because of its lightness and strength. First cut the horizontal bar, A, which is 2 ft. in length, and the crossbars, B and C, which are each 2 ft. 8 in. in length. Make shallow grooves at the ends of these pieces, and assemble them, following the pattern shown in Fig. 5. Note that the bottom ends of C and B are in a straight line with the ends of A. Make the joint secure with glue and bind round with thin string. Next, add the bracing string which should be fine and strong. Tie a length of this to the end of one of the framework pieces and then take the string round to form an outline, making use of the grooves provided. The string should be taut and firmly tied.

The cover is made from cambric or very fine calico. Lay the framework on the material and mark out the shape, allowing an extra 1 in. all round for overlapping. The marking is made easier if the material is first pinned to a board, and whilst it is pinned, it may also be decorated, if desired. Choose a simple design and execute it in bright colours, using fabric painting oil colours. Allow sufficient time for the colours to dry. Now attach the cover to the bracing string. Fold the margin over this and sew it down. The cover should be as smooth and firm as possible. Glue strips of cloth to the cover and over the ends of the framework pieces B and C, thus providing extra security for the cover. The bridle is formed in the manner shown (Fig. 5), and tied at the places marked with an X.

High Flyer Kite
No. 2

A piece of strong string, 3 ft. in length forms the bottom bridle loop; and a piece which is 2 ft. in length is used for the top loop. Tie the bottom loop at positions which are about 7 in. from the bottom of the crossbars and the top loop about 3 in. from the top of the crossbars. These loops are connected by means of string which is 2 ft. 10 in. in length. Tie the kite line to this by means of a bowline knot and a reef knot. Take another piece of string, 2 ft. 9 in. in length and tie it in the form of a loop to the bottom of the crossbars. A tail, about 5 ft. in length, is tied to the centre of this loop. This kite may be readily dismantled if the two crossbars are joined together by means of a nail which acts as a pivot. The horizontal bar is held in place by means of string, bound round, which on being untied, permits the bar to be withdrawn and the crossbars to be folded together. The cover may then be rolled up round the crossbars, and tied with a piece of tape.

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