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Suggestions For Other Activities

(a) Club Magazine
A small magazine, printed on a duplicator could be an interesting and successful project. It could be published once a quarter or even annually. One way of meeting the cost of production would be to make it a charge upon club funds. The following is a suggested layout: news and drawings of club activities, outdoor and indoor; kite topics in general; review of the weather; outside contributions on the subject of other hobbies, including perhaps model gliders and aeroplanes. These subjects, together with any others accepted by the editor, would provide sufficient material for an interesting magazine. All that remains to be said is that it should be well-designed and neatly printed; and that every member should try to make it known to and read by others.

(b) Club Weather Station
This suggestion arises out of what has been written in Chapter 10 on the subject of the weather. An amateur station could be set up at home or at club headquarters. In the latter case members might make up a rota by means of which daily notes could be taken of temperature; pressure; cloud formation; wind direction and speed.

In this way weather trends could be studied, and estimates of coming flying conditions could be attempted. A kite club weather station would probably arouse considerable local interest, for everyone is interested in the weather. This in itself would help to keep the fact of the club's existence in people's minds. Of course, the project, if attempted, does require that one member at least should be well-informed on the subject.

(c) Talks, Discussions and Outings
In a balanced club programme talks and discussions are given a place. The following are a few of the subjects which could be considered. The first is the story of kites through the ages, as outlined in the brief history in Chapter 12. The second is on popularizing kite flying. The third deals with the theme of how kites fly. Again, if there were any speakers available who were interested in other hobbies, such as model gliders or aeroplanes, then they could be invited to give a talk. In a general sense, club outings could be in the form of visits to places of historic or other interest. Other outings could have a particular reference to kite flying. For example, one might be organized as a survey of one's area, in order to discover suitable flying bases. Another might be for the purpose of noting the physical characteristics of the area, in order to discover whether these had any bearing upon local weather.

(d) Kites and the Camera
The suggestion here is that a camera might be part of a club's equipment. On many occasions photographs could be taken in order to build up a pictorial record of activities, such as exhibitions; displays; competitions; outings and the like. In time, a club album would be a much-prized possession.

(e) Club Funds
In running a club some expense is incurred by materials, heating and lighting, magazine production, stationery, and so on. Apart from membership subscriptions, other sources of income might be found in some activities where charges could be made for admittance and refreshments. In addition, there may be interested people who would respond to an appeal on behalf of such funds. And if a magazine were published, then a small charge might be made for the copies.

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