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Open-Air Kite Displays

These are best staged on a large open site, which allows room for manoeuvres and for onlookers. But however good the site is, it is only a background for the displays. The most important thing is that the latter should be as effective as possible, and this is the intent of the following suggestions. They are entered under separate headings, to provide a means of quick reference.

(a) Moonlight Festival
The idea here is to stage a display of illuminated kites. These may be prepared in the following ways. Fasten an electric torch to each kite, over the centre of balance. Alternatively, a small dry battery may be used. Connect it to one or two bulbs by means of wires and a switch. In both cases it is suggested that coloured lights be used. Coloured transparent material can be placed round the torch glass or the bulbs. In preparing the kites it must be remembered that they will be carrying extra weight.

The additional equipment, therefore, should not be too heavy, and the larger-sized kites should be used. The box style is one of the most suitable for the purpose. As far as some other styles are concerned, very effective use could be made of transparent covers, made from a material like polythene. On a suitable evening these multi-coloured lights, floating and weaving patterns overhead, would be a very pretty sight indeed. A further suggestion is that a camp-fire sing-song with refreshments might be included.

(b)Dual Control Display
Generally speaking, one line is used in flying a kite. In other words, it has a single control. The suggestion here is to incorporate a second line, attached to the bottom of the backbone. This line, of the same length as the kite line, would be suspended independent of a reel.

By means of a dual control the operator could more readily manipulate his kite in an acrobatic display. One of the larger-sized kites would be needed to take up the extra weight, and only very light but strong lines should be used. Care would need to be taken with the second line, especially in coiling it round on the ground so that it would not get tangled during the flying of the kite. The main kite line would be used in sending the kite up; both lines could be used in bringing it down. This is an event which calls for considerable practice and skill.

(c) Novelty Display
A striking effect would be ensured by flying kites of different styles, sizes and colours. The display would be enhanced by the addition on some of the kites of fringes, tassels, buzzers, multicoloured tails, light reflecting and coloured discs.

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