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Form A Kite Club

Why not form a club? Something shared brings greater pleasure to all concerned. It is hoped that this section may serve to show the way in which to start a club, and also indicate its aims and activities. First and obviously, a club must have members. This means talking the matter over with others who may be interested in the project. In some places, a suggestion to form a kite club would come as a new idea, and this could be an advantage. When two or three have been found who are willing to make a start, then a meeting could be arranged. The one who called the meeting (the convener) would act temporarily as the chairman. He should prepare beforehand an agenda, along the lines suggested.


Notes on Annual General Meeting

At this meeting appointments for the ensuing year would be made; and reports on the past year would be given, such as: first, the treasurer's audited statement, to be received by the meeting as being correct; second, the secretary's, on the number of meetings held during the year, average attendance and any other matters of interest; third, the leader's - a brief review of the year's activities, plus a comment upon the present state of the club. In addition to these reports, ideas and plans for the coming year could be suggested, discussed, and put to the vote.

Association of Kite Clubs

When a club has been formed in a new area, that club in turn should explore ways and means of starting another club. It will be realized that it takes time and experience for these things to work out. However, one may reasonably hope to see in due course, a local association being established.In such an event, from the organization point of view, a president, secretary and treasurer would be needed, together with a number of representatives from each club. This body would be responsible for all inter-club activities. It is suggested that among other things, this committee could appoint a person to submit items of interest to the local press, and also could issue a magazine or bulletin. An association committee might inquire into the possibilities of co-operating with other model and hobby clubs in the area, so that exchange visits could be arranged, joint exhibitions be held, and where possible, other joint activities be planned. There are great opportunities in kite-craft, if it be taken seriously, and dealt with enthusiastically.

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