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Form A Kite Club

Form A Kite Club
Why not form a club? Something shared brings greater pleasure to all concerned. It is hoped that this section may serve to show the way in which to start a club, and also indicate its aims and activities. First and obviously, a club must have members.
Arrange Activities
A club is defined as 'a group of persons possessing common or similar interests or occupations, who unite as an organized society' (Universal English Dictionary). But one's ideas of those interests should not be too narrow.
Kite Competitions. Part 1
These are divided into two classes: constructional and operational. Both provide fine opportunities for demonstrating skill in the making and flying of kites. The first class is similar in many respects to the exhibition previously described, the difference being that the competitive element is now more in evidence.
Kite Competitions. Part 2
A hunt for buried treasure is always a popular game, and this one will arouse a great deal of interest. The organizer hides a small box containing the treasure or prize. Maps are drawn on small pieces of paper, which give clues to the whereabouts of the treasure.
Open-Air Kite Displays
These are best staged on a large open site, which allows room for manoeuvres and for onlookers. But however good the site is, it is only a background for the displays. The most important thing is that the latter should be as effective as possible, and this is the intent of the following suggestions.
Suggestions For Other Activities
A small magazine, printed on a duplicator could be an interesting and successful project. It could be published once a quarter or even annually. One way of meeting the cost of production would be to make it a charge upon club funds.

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