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Be Weather-Wise

Clouds Classification
The next suggestion for getting the most from kites is to focus one's attention on an important subject - the weather. The close connection between kite flying and the weather is apparent to the most casual observer.
Clouds And Weather, Wind And Weather
Generally speaking, the higher the clouds, the better the weather is likely to be; the lower the clouds, the worse it is likely to be. In particular, three factors to be taken into account are: movement, change and colour.
Depressions And Anticyclones
These notes offer additional information about the British weather, and may be found helpful in the following of official forecasts, and in estimating flying conditions beforehand. Depressions are storms bringing wet weather.
Estimating Wind Direction And Speed
A simple method is to wet a finger and hold it up; the side which feels cold first is the windward side. Another way is to observe the direction in which low cloud or smoke are moving. If these are not present, as an alternative, a handkerchief may be held up to flutter in the wind.
Weather Forecasts
It is recommended that one's own forecasts be made on the basis first, of official forecasts which are given on the radio and television and in the daily press. These general forecasts may be compared with regional forecasts, where they are given. The amateur forecaster should also take into account certain factors in his own area.

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