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A Brief History Of Kites

A Brief History Of Kites. Part 1
When we turn to the purposes for which kites were used in those far-off days, much that is of interest may be noted. Ancient Chinese historians have recorded that they were employed to carry ropes across rivers and gorges.
A Brief History Of Kites. Part 2
It is interesting to read Cayley's own words about his experiments with kites. In 1804 he wrote: "A common paper kite containing 154 square inches was fastened to a rod of wood at the hinder end, and supported from the front part from the same rod by a peg, so as to make an angle of 6°.
A Brief History Of Kites. Part 3
In continuing the story, a brief account may be given of the achievements of other pioneers. Captain B. F. S. Baden-Powell, brother of the founder of the Scout movement, was one of them. He was a well-known balloonist, who at Pirbright Camp in 1894, successfully demonstrated his man-lifting kites.
A Brief History Of Kites. Part 4
Through the 'nineties and into the dawn of the twentieth century, enthusiasts in various parts of the world were making hazardous experiments with kites and kite-like machines. They were persistent and courageous in their attempts to conquer the air.

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