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What could there possibly be to write about how to make and fly kites? After all, making and flying a kite are quite simple operations! One has only to tie together two sticks at right angles, cover them with paper or cloth, and add a tail! Of course, one must not forget a long piece of string, called the kite line. Having done these things, one has only to throw the kite up into the air on a suitably windy day and away it flies! Or—does it?

Not quite. Here, then, is a hobby which provides pleasure, entertainment, and education all the year round. The long winter evenings present an opportunity for artistic minds and busy hands to make the kites which can be flown during the bright summer evenings and at many other times during the year. These are the main things, but, as we shall discover, they are accompanied by many other enjoyable activities. In particular, as one looks round in an attempt to forecast flying conditions, one is reminded of the wonder and the beauty of the world in which we live.

"My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky"

So wrote the poet, Wordsworth, and something of that same feeling will come over us as we see our kites—those kites which we have made with our own hands—flying so proudly in the sky above.

19 Great Kites to Make

A word in general

In the first section of the website instructions and diagrams are given for making 19 different kites. It will be found that some are easy to make; others require more time and skill. Again, there are several sizes which range, for example, from the 'Small Fish' kite to the large Box kite. This selection is offered for certain reasons. One is to help the beginner to progress from the simpler to the more complex forms. In this way he will gain skill in making and handling many different kites, and at the same time he may build up a collection of which he can be justly proud. Another and related reason is that many people do not know how large the scope is in kite design.

These chapters will reveal something of that scope, and so may serve to correct the idea that kites are limited to the Box and Pegtop styles. Literally speaking, dozens of different styles could be made, and they would fly, if certain rules were kept. From the large number available, a selection has been made in which the reader may find much that is of interest and satisfaction to him. The rest of the website is concerned with a number of important things, each of which forms a part of kite-craft. They may serve to prove that this hobby opens a door to a variety of interesting activities and studies. The writer's intention has been to present in as simple a way as is possible the obvious and less obvious factors in kite making and flying. It is earnestly hoped that the website may succeed in attracting many new friends to a hobby which can be of absorbing interest to all who take it up.

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